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We have access to a vast range of beautiful papers from all over the world.

What's the thickest paper you can print on?
We have printed on paper over 1000gsm, that's over 1mm thick!

Can you print on dark coloured paper?
Letterpress inks are more translucent than opaque therefore any ink on light paper works better than light inks on dark papers. We can run the paper through the press more than once to help build up the density of the colour but results will not be as you might expect and will also increase print costs. Unless this is the desired effect we recommend keeping to light papers. Printing on dark papers is possible and we can achieve some striking results printing a transparent white or tint.

For best results we would advise printing a hot foil for an opaque result. Ask us for more info on our new hot foil printing service.

Can I have a deep impression?
We print with enough pressure to create a tactile crisp print with a deboss into the stock. Impression depths can vary depending on the stock. A heavy stock will take a deeper impression than a light stock. A heavy impression can cause the paper to buckle so we print with as deep an impression as possible without compromising the paper or quality of the print.

Will I see any show through on the back?
There will be some evidence of an impression on the opposite side of the print. Where there is print on both sides we may adjust pressure and impression to achieve the best possible results. We may also suggest alternatives for elements of the artwork that overlap from front to back to avoid any flattening or bruising.


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