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Inks and Colours

What inks do you use?
We mainly use rubber based inks which dry by absorption. We also use oil based inks which dry by oxidation.

Which Pantone's should I use?
We match our inks to the PANTONE Matching System (PMS). Use spot colours chosen from the PANTONE Solid Uncoated colour book in the Swatch Libraries. Please provide a PMS Uncoated colour reference with your artwork. We can also mix and match to any other swatches provided. We cannot mix inks to CMYK or RGB and will not match inks to colours used on a computer screen.

I don't have access to a Pantone book, what do I do?
We prefer to match inks to a Pantone ref but we can also match to a swatch of paper, fabric or cutting from a magazine.

Can I have white ink on dark stocks?
Letterpress inks are more translucent than opaque therefore any ink on light paper works better than light coloured inks on dark papers. Unless this is the desired effect we recommend keeping to light coloured papers. Printing on dark papers is possible and we can achieve some striking results printing a transparent white or tint. Metallic colours are opaque and print well onto dark papers with striking results. For best results we would advise printing a hot foil for an opaque result. Ask us for more info on our new hot foil printing service.

Can you print a large solid area?
Large solids do not print as well as other printing techniques. The texture of the paper will show through the ink and appear uneven and patchy. We sometimes print with more pressure to help print solids and this can cause the paper to ripple or buckle. We cannot guarantee a solid flat area of colour over a certain size and will need to view your artwork before we commit to print.


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