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Edge painting adds serious cool factor to business cards and stationery.

What colours can I have for edge painting?
We can apply any colour, just give us a Pantone ref. We can also use metallic gold, silver, bronze and some fluorescent colours.

Can I have edge painting on thin card?
Yes, but we recommend a thicker card for maximum effect.

Will you edge paint cards printed elsewhere?
We don't take in edge painting work for jobs we have not printed.

Will the edge colour bleed?
There are occasions when the colour can bleed a little into the paper, but this depends on the paper. We will always advise if we think the colour will bleed. Colour can also bleed into any impression that bleeds of the sheet. In this case we will advise altering the design to ensure the best possible results.

Can you edge paint die cut jobs?
We advise against this because the colour can bleed between the die cut pieces.


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