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We are really lucky, we love what we do.

We handle everything in house, from plate making and cutting paper to printing and packing. We have total control over our quality and we are extremely proud of our service.

We run Heidelberg platen and cylinder printing presses which have all been completely rebuilt from the ground up to our exact specification. Our presses are maintained and kept in peak condition helping ensure our print work is to the highest possible quality.


What is letterpress?

Letterpress is a printing technique dating back to the 16th century.

The process involves inking the surface of movable type or blocks and pressing them onto a surface. Letterpress prints are crisp and tactile compared to other printing techniques because of the impression into the paper, giving greater visual definition.

Basically, we take artwork, ours or yours, make a printing plate and smash it into beautiful soft paper, leaving a crisp impression you can feel.


Our passion...

We pride ourselves on our printing and service. We thrive blending quality design, illustration and typography with quality letterpress printing.


Touch me, feel me, run your fingers over me...

Join us in our world of letterpress call us on 01352 716911 or email us on