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Letterpress Business Cards

business cards

We have been printing beautiful business cards for over 15 years. Our craft and our passion is evident in the vast library of cards we have printed for individuals and companies across the world.

It is without doubt that business cards still have an important role to play in the modern world. Nothing has as much power and lasting as a beautiful, tactile letterpress business card printed on the finest paper stocks.

Paper and Board

We have access to a vast range of papers and boards. We have trusted suppliers and passionate paper merchants,

So what are the popular choices of business card?

The marriage of design and paper stock is without doubt the most critical part of the process. We can help and advise on paper stocks to best suit the design. You may already have a paper selected from a well known supplier and we can check the design and print process is suitable.

Duplexed Business Cards

Duplexing can create some remarkable combinations of paper stocks.

We are not limited to the same makes of paper or even paper to paper. We have successfully bonded many different fabrics and materials to card for an ultra unique finish.Boatyard hot foil and edge foiled business cards

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